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Vocational Training

Vocational Training For Young Women

With the objective of enhancing employment opportunities for adolescent girls and young women from lower socio-economic communities, Save The Children India began imparting skill-based training in slum communities across Mumbai. This program pre-dominantly benefits those who have dropped out of formal education.

Vocational training through tailoring and beauty courses along with development of computer skills, facilitates social and economic empowerment of young women between the ages of 18-30 years.

Standardized curriculum for tailoring and beauty are adopted and implemented in the vocational centers. Apart from this, holistic training in life skills and personality development is provided to all beneficiaries.

Over the course of 3 to 4 months, beneficiaries receive the following training:

  • Career counseling & Guidance
  • Employability skills
  • Life skills
  • Workplace readiness
  • Employment assistance
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  • Vocational courses in more than 8 centers located in mumbai surban slum communities
  • Reach out to 1000 beneficiaries annually


Sharmila Yadav is one of the seven members of her family, most of who live in their native village Junpur in Uttar Pradesh. She too lived in the village till she completed her high school studies. Her father was the only earning member and had had incurred many debts to marry his elder daughters. Sharmila’s only brother was unable to contribute to the family income due to his persistent ill health. His medical expenses were mounting, thereby increasing the burden for money on the family. Given these circumstances, Sharmila had to discontinue with her education.

Sharmila’s elder sister, who shifted to Mumbai after her marriage, offered her a place in her marital home. Since she did not have the means to support Sharmila’s formal education, she actively searched for vocational training programs. These too, she learned, were expensive as they were privately owned. Luckily, she learned of our vocational training program in beauty at Sangharsh Nagar and, with Sharmila’s consent, enrolled her for it.

Initially, the biggest challenge for her and her teacher was her inability to comprehend Hindi. Since she was brought up and schooled in her village, she only spoke and understood Bhojpuri. After consistent efforts from both individuals, Sharmila’s Hindi language skills improved to the point that she could understand her coursework and converse with her teacher and peers. She even picked up a number of English words.

She took keen interest in her course and completed it successfully in 3 months. After the course, she found employment at a nearby Nova Beauty Parlour. Sharmila is saving a part of her income for her brother’s treatment at a reputed hospital in Mumbai. She is also contributing towards repaying her father’s debt.

Mr. A. M. Naik | Chairman & Managing Director - Larsen & Toubro Limited

L&T is strongly committed towards fulfilling its social obligations of conducting business. The company supports various community welfare programs and is happy to be associated with Save The Children India.