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Jet Airways – Magic Box

Jet Airways - Magic Box

Jet Airways realizing its social responsibility, makes a conscious effort to contribute to the betterment of the society by supporting Save The Children India through its ‘Magic Box program’.

This is the first Indian In-flight collection program which was launched in association with Save The Children India on January 7, 1997.It is implemented on all flights in the airline’s domestic network, providing a voluntary donation option to all the passengers onboard.

Passengers contribute through Cash/Cheque or Credit Card in our envelope placed in the seat pocket, which is then put it in the Magic box brought around by the cabin crew.

This fund-raising initiative is unique to Jet Airways, which is the only airline to run a campaign such as this successfully, for a sustained period of time. The collections from the In-flight program benefit children hailing from poor socio-economic backgrounds.

In addition to the In-flight Magic Box program, a unique CSR initiative called Flight of Fantasy is organized by Jet Airways, where less fortunate children are introduced to the world of aviation so that they can experience the true joy of flying. The children love this experience as they have always dreamed of flying in an airplane but have never received the opportunity to do so.

The In-flight Magic Box program truly spells magic for all the individuals involved. The staff and passengers of Jet Airways participate in the process of creating big differences in the lives of the children.