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Early Intervention Center

Hearing Loss can be diagnosed on day one of birth


Dhvani is an Early Intervention Center for hearing impaired babies and their families. At Dhvani, we facilitate early diagnosis of hearing impairment and consequently, fulfil all testing, therapeutic and counseling needs of the child.

Initiated in 2010, Dhvani provides access to state-of-art technology and service to hearing impaired children from all strata of society.

Dhvani’s services include:

  • Audiology Testing - with latest audiological equipments and sound treated rooms.
  • Auditory - Verbal Therapy - an approach which emphasizes on listening. It enables parents and family to naturally develop spoken language skills in the child.
  • Parental Guidance - to ensure active involvement of parents in the child’s mainstreaming process.
  • School Readiness Program - to equip the child with essential skills and concepts for mainstreaming into formal schools.
  • Pre & Post Implant Management & Mapping - to ease the process of integration into the hearing world.


  • Since its inception in 2010, more than 200 children approached Dhvani not only from Mumbai but also from Surat, Pune, Ratnagiri, etc.
  • Over 15 Cochlear Implant surgeries have been conducted successfully, giving beneficiaries the gift of sound.
  • Conducted scientific presentations at a National Conference by Cochlear Implant Group of India at Jaipur and at a conference by National Convention of Educators of the Deaf at Mysore.


In an event organized by one of Dhvani’s advisory partners viz. Cochlear Medical Device India Pvt. Ltd., our beneficiary Arjun Patel stood confidently before a huge crowd and recited the National Anthem. That was a proud moment not only for Arjun’s parents but also for the staff of Dhvani and all of Save The Children India.

Having been referred to Dhvani by his Speech Therapist, Arjun arrived at our center at the age of three-and-a-half-years. We tested Arjun’s hearing loss and learned that it was more severe than previously anticipated.

We began his Auditory-Verbal Therapy in English language. His family had little knowledge of how to reinforce Arjun’s hearing and speech at home. At Dhvani, we not only gave therapy to Arjun but also provided counseling to his family. From his caregiver to grandparents, everyone got engaged in aiding Arjun’s journey into the ‘normal hearing’ world.

We provided end-to-end assistance in Arjun’s diagnosis, Hearing Aid upgradation, therapy and specific home program for better results.

Within one year and six months, Arjun attained age-appropriate English language proficiency. Today, he confidently converses and communicates in English. He is now undergoing Auditory-Verbal Therapy to learn Hindi language.

Arjun attends mainstream school at Lilavatibai Podar High School, Juhu. He studies in Grade 1 and takes keen interest in academics, dramatics and swimming. Today, he is a confident speaker and communicator.

Padma Shri Dr. Milind Kirtane | ENT Surgeon - Hinduja Hospital

I have been associated with Save The Children India’s Dhvani center for many years. I conduct the surgeries for their beneficiaries who are eligible for Cochlear Implantation. Dhvani prepares these children for surgery through pre-implant therapy whereas post-surgery, the beneficiaries undergo mapping and Audio-Visual Therapy at the center. Dhvani conducts all testing and therapies professionally. Working with them is a pleasure and my privilege.