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Delhi Intervention


Save The Children India’s Delhi Interventions started in 2004 in the urban village of Sarai Kale Khan. Housing a population of almost 2.8 lacs, the area is a home to both generational and fresh migrants from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa, Uttarakhand and Nepal. Characterized by extremely low socio-economic conditions, the area is deprived of education, child-protection, women’s rights, health and sanitation.

Working within this context, Save The Children India’s Delhi Interventions has directly reached out to 15,933 persons through its need-based programs in Education, Women’s Empowerment and Health Education.

Our work is effectuated from a Community Center located within the urban village of Sarai Kale Khan. Each day, at least 350 women, girls and children access our center.


1. Education
  • Balwadi - Pre-primary education program based on Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE), for children aged 3-6 years.
  • Patang - Accelerated Learning Program - Remedial education program with government school children up to Class 5, for enabling them to learn in an accelerated manner at their own pace, to bring them to their grade appropriate competency.
  • Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program - Life Skills’ based education for adolescent girls for enabling them to meet the challenges and pressures of daily life.
2. Women’s Empowerment
  • Saksham - Adult Learners’ Program - Functional Literacy Program for women and adolescent girls who have never attended school or have dropped out of school.
  • Preventing Gender-based Violence - Sensitization and a capacity building program which aims to empower and enable the community to address gender-based violence.
  • Vocational Skills’ Education - Tailoring and beauty culture skill development program for women and girls who are desirous of learning home based skills for income generation.
3. Health Education
  • Preventive and a Promotive Program - Bringing a behavioral change amongst families to give priority to health issues of women, girls and children; supported by our Vipula Mother and Child Clinic.


  • 3,804 children, girls and women have been a part of our education programs
  • 1,776 women and girls have honed their skills through our vocational skills program and are engaged in income generation
  • 99 community groups of women, children, youth and adolescents formed, with over 2,328 direct stakeholders
  • 7,975 women, men and children have accessed our Health Education program.


27 year old Rukhsar was married and had two daughters. Rukhsar’s husband was violent and abusive. One day, he forcibly took their elder daughter and dropped her at his parents’ house in East Delhi, while he eloped with another woman.

Rukhsar approached Save The Children India in order to get custody of her daughter. Rukhsar was guided to approach Child Welfare Committee. The timely intervention ensured that her daughter’s custody was obtained within a week.

During the process, Save The Children India equipped Rukhsar with procedural and legal awareness of her rights.

Within one year, Rukhsar became a victim of domestic violence committed by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Rukhsar had suffered wounds and bruises. Using the advice she was given a year ago, by Save the Children India, she called the police and filed a formal complaint.

The final straw was when her in-laws asked the couple to evict the house. Rukhsar approached Save the Children India once again. This time, she was aware and empowered, ready to fight for her rights!

Rukhsar was advised to complain to Crime Women Cell, which resolved the matter in her favour.

Tammy | liaison person - Save The Children India on behalf of American Welcome Association (AWA)

Save The Children India is a well-organized NGO, with a loving and a caring staff. I have considered myself lucky to be connected with them. During my time in Delhi, the organization evolved into an amazing center for learning, not just for academics, but also for life skills’ education, health education and vocational education. They will always be close to my heart.